Adobe Edge Inspect eBook

A few weeks ago, I was asked to take a look at an upcoming eBook about using Adobe Edge Inspect called Adobe Edge Inspect Starter. I had never been approached to do this before, so I was excited to do so! I’ve also been working with Adobe Edge Inspect a lot at Qgiv so the timing was perfect.

Overall, the book does a great job of getting you up and running with Edge Inspect. The first couple of chapters focus on getting the application installed on your computer, and then getting it set up on your mobile devices. Though the installation is fairly straightforward, the instructions they provide are detailed with plenty of screenshots, so you should have no issues getting set up.

Next they move into an overview of the best features of Edge Inspect. The application really does make mobile testing incredibly easy with remote inspection and console log.

The eBook wraps up with some great resources for using Edge Inspect. If you are thinking of working on Responsive Web Design, Adobe Edge Inspect is an invaluable tool. I think the eBook is super handy to have as a reference, and for 5 bucks, why not?

Link: Adobe Edge Inspect Starter eBook