Quick Tip: Fix CSS Filters Creating Blurry Images on Retina

Today, I was using an SVG as a background image with a CSS filter applied to it to create a drop shadow effect, but ran into a bit of a snag. Looking at the site on a retina display the image looked blurry, the exact problem I was trying to avoid by using SVG. This […]

My Toolbox

I sometimes get asked by people that want to get into web design and development about the tools I use. I figured it’s about time I write them down somewhere, and I’m going to use this post as a running list of the apps and tools that I use daily for design, development, and productivity. […]

Shared Environment For Espresso Using Dropbox

I’m a huge fan of Espresso from MacRabbit. While it’s not perfect, it’s my code editor of choice at the moment. One of my favorite features of Espresso is that it’s functionality can be extended using Sugars. After downloading Themes and Sugars to assist with development and creating a few code snippets, I realized one […]

Crutches for the Handicapped Designer

Several times a day, I check my Twitter stream to see what’s going on in the world of web design. There’s usually a handful of really great articles, some funny gifs (thanks Ethan), and a lot of links to new resources and tools. I see things like “check out this awesome CSS framework”, “new responsive […]

Tips for Writing Responsive CSS

January 2013 Update: I updated the article to include some sample code to illustrate my point after receiving a couple requests. With each project I do, I find ways to write better CSS. This is especially valid for responsive web projects. Today I’m going to share a few tips and things I’ve learned on my […]

Quick Tip: Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut To Switch From A Text Box

I’m a frequent user of keyboard shortcuts, especially in Photoshop. I’ve often found myself in this situation: I create a text box in Photoshop, type some text, try to switch back to the Move Tool (V), type the letter “v” in my text box. Annoying right? By pressing Command + Enter (or Control + Enter […]

The (Crappy?) State of CSS Commenting

CSS commenting sucks. Or so I thought. Last week, as I was debugging some CSS and getting incredibly frustrated at the fact I couldn’t easily comment out lines, I tweeted this: “//” needs to be added to CSS for commenting. #csswishlist — Chris Morata (@chrismorata) April 18, 2012

Quick Tip: Better Accessibility on Form Labels

Here’s a quick CSS snippet to add to your stylesheets to give your users better indicators on form labels. When I declare my form CSS, I used to just add label{ cursor: pointer; } for basic form accessibility, since you would usually have a label associated with a specific field.

Image Wall with CSS3

I think image walls are a great way to display your work on a portfolio site. I think if you apply some effects to them and get a nice composition going, you can really make your work stand out. I was recently on the Vision Five Design Studio website and noticed they were utilizing a […]

View Full Site Link for Responsive Web Design

Update: June 2013 I’ve placed the code on Github in the hopes that the implementation of this code will be a bit more clear. Also hoping that others can help me improve the code as my device arsenal is quite limited. Responsive View Full Site on Github Update: May 2013 QuirksMode has a handy page […]