If you haven’t seen my last post, Front-End Design Conference is one hell of a great conference. This year did not disappoint with another great lineup and even more delicious bacon.

Matt Graham – Designers, Developers, and the Love They Share

What a great way to kick off the day. Matt gave a great presentation about fostering the community we work in, specifically with Trust, Humility, and Relationship. He’s a designer and front-end developer for GitHub, and gave some great insight on how they develop community and relationships within their own company. Some takeaways:

  • We react to our experiences.
  • Develop a shared understanding of projects: Document everything, identify challenges, expose expectations, estimate time and effort, divide and conquer, and be mindful about yourself.
  • Drink beers. Relate with each other.

Check out Matt’s presentation!

Michael Parenteau – The Myth of the Half-Brained Designer…And Their Magic Vacuum

Michael gave a great talk about getting outside your comfort zone to collaborate with others who think different from ourselves. Sometimes we find ourselves focused too much in one specific area and because of that we prevent ourselves from learning new things. Some takeaways to help with this process:

  • Pair
  • Retrospectives
  • Get out of your computer
  • Set goals and take time to learn
  • Play

Check out Michael’s presentation!

Jenn Lukas – Hot Links

Holy crap, Jenn Lukas is awesome. With Jenn’s talk we moved into the part of the day that dealt with technical front-end stuff (which is what I am always most excited about). She gave a great talk on how we can utilize CSS3 to create awesome hovers and links. Her energy is incredible and contagious, and kept the audience captivated throughout her talk (even when the power went out!). Some takeaways:

  • Just because I can do something, should I do that something?
  • “Don’t Stallone that shit.”

Chris Coyier – CSS is for Computers

Chris (of CSS-Tricks fame) gave a great talk about Sass and how we can use it for improving our front-end workflow and abstraction. He demonstrated how awesome Sass is in true Chris Coyier fashion. Some takeaways:

  • Sass is an amazing tool for composing CSS (if you’re not using it, I highly recommend you check it out)

Ben Callahan – Serving RWD Styles

Ben gave a great talk focused solely on responsive web design. He demonstrated some awesome techniques for implementing media queries with Sass, as well as some additional techniques for serving up responsive styles to be cross-browser friendly. Some takeaways:

  • Break up responsive styles into separate Sass partials for more flexible usage

Doug Neiner – jQuery Jumble

As always, Doug brought the jQuery hotness (something I don’t think the audience was quite ready for!). He gave a great (albeit technical) talk about some ways we can implement jQuery responsibly, including a live coding session! Some takeaways:

  • Pretty much everyone has used jQuery
  • jQuery controls the “What”, CSS controls the “How”

Check out Doug’s presentation!

Cameron Moll – Authentic Design

To close out the day, Cameron discussed his background with running Authentic Jobs and did a live Q & A with…himself (it was actually quite awesome!). Some takeaways:

  • Don’t balance, prioritize.
  • Great opportunities come to those who embrace the small ones.