Note: The 2013 Front-End Conference Overview is coming soon, stay tuned!

As the 5th Front-End Design Conference comes to an end, I can’t help but feel incredibly thankful to be able to attend a conference with the caliber of #frontendconf. From the time I first started dabbling in web design, I wanted to attend a conference to meet others in the industry and to see awesome speakers like Chris Coyier, but unfortunately there was one big problem. I was a broke college student, and the conferences I wanted to attend cost at least $1,000, several thousand in some cases. Next thing I know, I come across Front-End Conf and not only was it local to the Tampa area, but tickets were incredibly affordable (~$100)!

Since attending my first Front-End Conf, it’s been amazing to see it grow over the last few years. Each year the speakers get better and the topics more interesting (and the chocolate covered bacon more plentiful!). I always leave feeling refreshed, energized, and excited to delve further into our craft.

Here’s just a few of the reasons why I love Front-End Conf:

  • It’s crazy affordable. Freelancers and others that pay for their own tickets (not company-paid) are able to attend.
  • The speakers each year are incredibly talented, insightful, and inspiring.
  • It’s an amazing networking opportunity.
  • They support local businesses.
  • The snacks are just ridiculous, seriously. This year they had a bacon-inspired dessert buffet and a crepe cart. (Thanks Cherrie!)

A heartfelt thanks goes to Dan Denney, his wife Cherrie, and all the others involved in making this conference the success that it is. Dan has an incredible passion for our industry and is someone who puts on this conference because he wants to learn just as much from the speakers as those attending the conference do.

Next year can’t come soon enough, and I hope to see you there.