Sync Sublime Text 2 Settings with Dropbox

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using Espresso as my text editor of choice. A few months ago, I decided to give Sublime Text 2 a whirl and haven’t looked back since. And for the most part, I’ve completely switched to ST2. One of the first things I did (and wrote about) was […]

Quick Tip: Expand Field on Focus

Here’s a quick tutorial for a field that expands on focus. This can be useful for search fields, especially when you’re tight on space!

Simple Solution for Responsive Tables

While working on the new Qgiv site, I found we had a need for tables that would scale down well since it’s responsive. I wasn’t a huge fan of the options available and I just wanted something a little more simple.

Shared Environment For Espresso Using Dropbox

I’m a huge fan of Espresso from MacRabbit. While it’s not perfect, it’s my code editor of choice at the moment. One of my favorite features of Espresso is that it’s functionality can be extended using Sugars. After downloading Themes and Sugars to assist with development and creating a few code snippets, I realized one […]

Image Wall with CSS3

I think image walls are a great way to display your work on a portfolio site. I think if you apply some effects to them and get a nice composition going, you can really make your work stand out. I was recently on the Vision Five Design Studio website and noticed they were utilizing a […]