Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Expand Field on Focus

Here’s a quick tutorial for a field that expands on focus. This can be useful for search fields, especially when you’re tight on space!

Quick Tip: Fix CSS Filters Creating Blurry Images on Retina

Today, I was using an SVG as a background image with a CSS filter applied to it to create a drop shadow effect, but ran into a bit of a snag. Looking at the site on a retina display the image looked blurry, the exact problem I was trying to avoid by using SVG. This […]

Quick Tip: Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut To Switch From A Text Box

I’m a frequent user of keyboard shortcuts, especially in Photoshop. I’ve often found myself in this situation: I create a text box in Photoshop, type some text, try to switch back to the Move Tool (V), type the letter “v” in my text box. Annoying right? By pressing Command + Enter (or Control + Enter […]

Quick Tip: Better Accessibility on Form Labels

Here’s a quick CSS snippet to add to your stylesheets to give your users better indicators on form labels. When I declare my form CSS, I used to just add label{ cursor: pointer; } for basic form accessibility, since you would usually have a label associated with a specific field.