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Tips for Writing Responsive CSS

January 2013 Update: I updated the article to include some sample code to illustrate my point after receiving a couple requests. With each project I do, I find ways to write better CSS. This is especially valid for responsive web projects. Today I’m going to share a few tips and things I’ve learned on my […]

The (Crappy?) State of CSS Commenting

CSS commenting sucks. Or so I thought. Last week, as I was debugging some CSS and getting incredibly frustrated at the fact I couldn’t easily comment out lines, I tweeted this: “//” needs to be added to CSS for commenting. #csswishlist — Chris Morata (@chrismorata) April 18, 2012

Quick Tip: Better Accessibility on Form Labels

Here’s a quick CSS snippet to add to your stylesheets to give your users better indicators on form labels. When I declare my form CSS, I used to just add label{ cursor: pointer; } for basic form accessibility, since you would usually have a label associated with a specific field.

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Update: June 2013 I’ve placed the code on Github in the hopes that the implementation of this code will be a bit more clear. Also hoping that others can help me improve the code as my device arsenal is quite limited. Responsive View Full Site on Github Update: May 2013 QuirksMode has a handy page […]